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I’m looking at 2 full weeks of bed rest, probably more. My surgeon told me he didn’t feel bad about taking my tonsils out because they were the ugliest ones he’s ever seen.

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I want you
at your drunkest nights
when you cannot think straight
and come tumbling through the doorway
with a bottle in your hands
and a cigarette between your lips.

I want you
in my bed when you cannot sleep
and talk about why
God does not reveal himself and
if there is an alternative universe out there
besides us.

I want you
when you are slamming the doors
and punching walls out of frustration.
Come to me when you are angry
and scream at me
or just stay silent.

I want you
when you are tough to handle
and when you can’t handle yourself
and excited about our newest adventures
and even when you are being sarcastic,
I still want you.

I want you
when you are drunk or sober
and everything else in between.


Ming D. LiuBetween Being Drunk And Sober (via girlchoking)

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