#my life

My next tattoos when I get my tax money back:

  • The Black Capped Chickadee that’s on the Welcome To Massachusetts sign. After doing more adventuring this year than I have ever before, whenever I see that sign I feel so at home. I am a huge fan of Massachusetts, we’re the most bad ass state ever.
  • A be positive for my mother. My mothers blood type is B-positive, and has adopted this belief during her lifetime, which has been extremely challenging, to say the least.¬†Whenever I am freaking out, she always tells me those simple words, but they actually mean something when I hear them from her.

my tonsils are swollen to half of my throat even though i don’t feel sick at all, and i accidently smoked cat nip with all of my friends last night at an onion boys show…..what is this life