#my life.

I’ve just realized that I’ve stopped singing in the shower. I want 2013 to be over. I am full of half-finished sentences and doubt.

Winston and I on Halloween….my cars name is Winston. I also just found out that it’s going to take $2000 to fix him so I’m kind of hating life right now.

  • went to a Halloween party in New Hampster the other night
  • I got puke and black makeup all over my prom dress
  • Chris looked actually like a prostitute
  • Tim and Derek were Twilight on accident
  • Tom was casual Baberaham Lincoln
  • I have a crush on my ladies from NH
  • my first party where the cops came when I’m legally of age, so me and Derek didn’t care
  • Tim took a video of me puking out my window on the way home so…great.
  • I didn’t know anyone except for Tom’s friends so we all got ham and it was nice

I have a paper that’s due at 9 AM tomorrow but I’m just sitting in my bed on tumblr in my undies smoking weeds and ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Something to remember:

I told Tom the other night that I don’t like when he touches my stomach because I have to suck in every time he does, or try and flatten my body as much as possible. And he looked at me with such concern and asked me “why,” and when I replied “I kind of always suck it in” he looked really sad.