#my life.

Something to remember:

I told Tom the other night that I don’t like when he touches my stomach because I have to suck in every time he does, or try and flatten my body as much as possible. And he looked at me with such concern and asked me “why,” and when I replied “I kind of always suck it in” he looked really sad.

My American Sign Language class is the only class that I truly look forward to going to………beats the crumb out of French, lemme tell ya.

There is something about death that is so terrifying but so realistic that nothing else on this earth is like it. It really reminds you of how fragile time is and how close you should hold the people you love. I cannot believe I will never get to have a good laugh with you ever again, or just be able to say hello again. It breaks my heart. I wish there was anything to do to change this, but we are so helpless when it comes to something like this. Rest easy Chris, it’s very weird and unsettling to say bye.